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Her eighteen-month sentence for possession of a controlled substance began today.In this case, several doses of a certain psychedelic that she had brought back with her from college that she had slipped into the cellophane wrapper of a cigarette pack.James had dark blue eyes and thick brown hair that he kept cut short. James owned an insurance agency with thirty employees.His office wasn't too far from his home, and he could work out of his home office if he was needed to help Audrey with anything.Audrey had carelessly left the pack out in the open on the console of her car during a DUI checkpoint.Her father, James, stood over her wearing a blank expression. " She began crying again, turning to her father and wiping her tear-streaked face in his flannel shirt.

That sounds fair." Audrey stood up and hugged her dad again."I want you to appreciate how fortunate you are to have your life, and that you're not serving your sentence in jail." James pulled back and looked his daughter in the eye. I know I'm lucky, I really do." Audrey looked down at her ankle monitor and shook her leg to check its tightness and weight. Dad's right, I'm really fortunate.' James watched his daughter disappear down the hallway and into her bedroom. She had her mother's long, toned legs, straight blonde hair, and deep blue eyes, but her narrow waist, perky breasts, and perfectly curved butt reminded James of his sister. James always thought she looked like an elf princess; like one of the elf women from the Lord of the Rings.Audrey loved his description of her and used to ask that he invent bedtime stories about his "elf-princess" as she fell asleep.James loved his daughter and despite her current setback, he was still very proud of her.In contrast to Audrey's petite size, James was large and burly.

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