Tantra speed dating

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However the belief is a lie, as previously stated - Anal intercourse is a specific Satanic Left hand path of Kundalini arousal method which activates the Kundalini but the Satanic Tantric Initiate also injects a stream of Satanic Energy Blockages into the student - male or female - which perverts and eventually bestialises and psychopathises their mind.

Sexual Congress with evil leads to evilisation as you absorb addiction implant energy blockages from evil people.. Satanic Left Hand Tantric practices may be viewed by some as "degenerating", "perverted" or "deviating," and in terms of the inner meaning of words, they are.

Sometimes people reading the Truth get depressed by it.

For people with big hearts though, the truth gets them started with an Implacable Opposition to Absolute Evil.

Look, the intelligence process goes through what is called the Four A's: Acquisition, Analysis, Acceptance, Action. The second one means making sense of it and presenting it to your client (in this case: all of you).

Ultimately Satanic Hitler used and transformed the movement much as the Romans had abused the paiderastia of the ancient Greeks expanding and building upon its romanticism as a basis for the Nazi Party (Rossman:103).

All, suddenly, was clear language." The Satanic myth, like all myths, is something invented by the real Luciferian Elite - The heads of all the thousands of years old Generational Satanic Dynastic Bloodline families worldwide - in order to control the wanna be elite of society who are attracted by promises of wealth and immortality - They Lie!! " Orwell through their infiltration pillars, Energy Blockage Implants, Addiction, Mind Control, Drugs, Ritual Sex both Hetero and Homo, Pederasty Ritual, Ritual Human Sacrifice, Satanic Corruption and Perversion as worse and worse abominations are performed and more deep drug and sex addiction Implant Blockages absorbed, MI6, CIA, Jesuits, Knights of Malta, Banking, Propaganda, Drugs, Perverted Homosexual Sex and Rock and Roll (Drugs, Sex and Rock and Roll). My question to you is simple: do you want to turn into a despotic reader somebody who will come to this site to hear his views supported, his ideas vindicated and his hopes affirmed?

- if they take up the Satanic Religion and then perverted and degenerated by Satanism and thus the Purpose of Satanism - following the Policy of Poverty - The whole of society is destroyed and energetically vampirised as the fish rots from the head down in service of the Policy of Poverty, to maintain control of society for thousands of years.. Satanic Ritual Sexually, Homosexually, (plus MKULTRA mind kontrol Trauma, Drugs and Hypnosis - Used from Egyptian times) - Implanted Mind Control Energy Blockages from this and all your previous lifetimes can be removed by the Energy Enhancement Seven Step Process of Level Two of the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Live or by Video... You can understand why all mention of these techniques - The Kundalini Key, the Grounding of Negative Energies, Samadhi from the infinity of Chakras above the head - as part of the Meditational training have been consciously removed from the books and from all Traditional Meditations because - A picture of the Satanic ritual, The Cremation of Care - where United States Presidents, Politicians and their Oligarch Masters - "Grovers" - from the Eleusinian Mysteries and the Druids who all performed their Rituals in Groves - burn a baby on an Altar in font of a 40ft stone Owl (Dedicated to Minerva and thus Cybele - the State Religion of the Roman Empire) in front of a lake. Or do you prefer to come here, get what I hope is an honest, if generally cautious, analysis which you can then either accept or reject?

This is the part which YOU (collective you) must do (or refuse to do).

Breakfast at Owls Nest Camp, Bohemian Grove, July 23, 1967.

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