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On that occasion, the pig was printed with the phrases “F--k Trump and his wall” and “Ignorant, lying, racist, sexist".

Home security cameras are a growing battleground in the technology industry.

You can’t speak to Cloud Cam to set appointments or play music.

The free Cloud Cam app is well-built, easy to use, and provides a variety of customization options.

Amazon’s Cloud Cam is a tethered device, which means you have to plug it in and can’t power it by battery.

Having battery power would have made given me more flexibility in where to place it around the house—although the long power cord that it comes with was welcome.

The design scheme follows rigorous rationale in providing layers of meaning while allowing for nuanced interpretations by viewers.

The protest follows Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters' use of a giant inflatable pig which flew over the crowd at Desert Trip.

But Amazon’s camera adds some extras, like compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa virtual personal assistant, that may make it appealing.

is suggesting the use of flying pigs to block out the word "Trump" from Trump Tower.

A statement released from the company's Website reads: Comprised of four gold colored balloon pigs tethered to buoys in the Chicago River, the folly is a design effort by NWD to provide visual relief to the citizens of Chicago by interrupting the view of the ostentatious Trump Tower Chicago sign.

While many Donald Trump protests have taken place across the country, the latest in Chicago takes its inspiration from an unusual source.

Four golden pig balloons are proposed to reign across the President-elect's Trump Tower in Chicago, a nod to Pink Floyd's 1977 famously features an inflated pig and Chicago-based design firm New World Design Ltd.

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